TYPE A, B, C, D ,E,F, DC, DP...

We offer a wide range of industrial hose fittings for all of the applications of industries. The uncompromising commitment to quality, service and integrity is our core value, making us a foothold in the market. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or additional information you may have or need.
The products:

Dust cover to Male Pipe Coupler, Female to Male Pipe Coupler , Male to Male Pipe Coupler,
Dust Cap to Female type pipe coupler, Male to Barb Pipe Coupler, Female to Female Pipe Coupler,
Female to Barb Pipe Coupler, Pin lug Hose Shank couplings, Combination Hose Nipples,
Male to Female Pipe Coupler...etc.

Fire Hose Fittings and Accessories
Industrial Cam and Groove (Cam-lok coupling)
Pipe and Welded Fittings
Sanitary Fittings
Claw Fittings
Shank & Water Fittings
Tank Truck Fittings
For more details, please download and refer to the e-catalog.